Data Center Information Management (DCIM) – Altima NetZoom DC

NetZoom DC is the enterprise DCIM application suited for multiple teams engaged in data center infrastructure management of medium to large data centers in one or more geographically located sites containing hundreds of racks with thousands of servers using millions of connections and cables on the each floor.

NetZoom DC is already in use by thousands of data center professionals in large corporations and government organizations where managing IT and facility infrastructure is key to optimizing IT budgets.  Key features include:

  • The ability to model EVERYTHING; Physical, Virtual, Cloud, Connections (Power, Network; fiber, copper, satellite), Ports 
  • Real-Time Monitoring; Power, Thermal, CPU, Power Capping, Physical, Virtual, Cloud
  • Alerts Management System
  • Unlimited Locations; Depicted in global view, locations, cages, closets, huts, everything – everywhere, with status condition
  • Complete Multi-Tenancy
  • Visualization; 2D and 3D
  • Mobile Solution
  • Complete Asset Life Cycle Management; Device Configurator, Cost, Warranty, Lease, Maintenance, TCO
  • Tech Refresh, and Placement Wizard
  • Complete Capacity Management; Planning, What If
  • Forensic Level Logging and Compliance Reporting
  • Complete Service Management Model
  • Service Desk
  • Incident Management System
  • Document Management System
  • Workflow
  • Report Writer
  • Dashboard Writer
  • Self-Serve Help Desk
  • Webcam Management System
  • Weather Alerts System
  • vKVM (Virtual KVM)

HPE Hyperconverged Systems (HPE-300)

The next wave of virtualization

The next step in the evolution of IT architectures brings together all the goodness of converged infrastructure, virtualization, and software-defined storage technologies.  Everything you need, including servers, storage, virtualization software, networking and management – is fully integrated and packaged together into a single, yet highly available appliance.

It provides many of the benefits of a virtualized data center in a compact, cost-effective system that is easy to deploy, manage, and support.  From a business perspective, the benefits of hyperconverged systems include reduced upfront capital and operational costs, thanks to fewer components than are required in conventional systems; a small footprint, simplified management, and efficient power and cooling.

HPE Aruba Networks

Smart network for SMBs

In less than 2 minutes, we’ll help you find the right switches, access points and network management solution for your organization using the Network Product Wizard for Small and Midsize Businesses.  Mobility is not a luxury – it’s a must-have for your business.

Aruba has one of the broadest wired / wireless access layer portfolios in the market and is the top-ranked vendor for all use cases according to Gartner.  Aruba scores well in the capabilities for network / guess access, network management and policy enforcement application services.

Organizations can manage Aruba Instant controllerless APs on-premises or as part of a cloud offering (Aruba Central).  Aruba customers continue to provide positive feedback for RF interference mitigation capabilities offered by ClientMatch.

Customers using the ClearPath access policy and management solution began receiving enhanced behavioral analytics capabilities following Aruba’s acquisition of Niara (rebranded as IntroSpect), completed early 2017.

OptiCool Technologies

Low-to-High Density Data Center Cooling Solutions

As the heat density in data centers continues to grow, there is a demand for a solution capable of cooling the equipment.  The OptiCool® data center cooling system provides close-coupled cooling at the heat source for low-to-high density cooling applications.  OptiCool® is a low-pressure, refrigerant-based system which is adaptable to any computing equipment rack.

The OptiCool® Cool Door® system attaches to the equipment rack and can support a variety of heat load and redundancy configurations while delivering unprecedented simplicity, performance, and energy efficiency.  OptiCool® is vastly superior to conventional data center cooling, which includes computer room air conditioning, hybrid containment and in-row systems.

The OptiCool® data center cooling system provides exceptional energy efficiency (up to 95%) for a broad range of cooling applications from 2 to 30 kW per rack.  Each OptiCool® refrigerant pump system delivers 210 kW of cooling capacity, yet is only 40” wide, offering a dramatically reduced cooling footprint.  In addition, each Cool Door® can be configured to support in-rack cooling redundancy at 20 kW per rack.  OptiCool® can support both raised and non-raised floor environments.


  • Close-coupled, refrigerant-based cooling
  • Supports spectrum of low-to-high density applications
  • “Active” heat extraction supports up to 30 kW per rack
  • Adaptable to existing equipment racks
  • Modular design scalable to support heat load
  • Several design alternatives for heat redundancy
  • Continuous operation during installation


  • Exceptional energy efficiency (up to 95%)
  • Reduced floor space dedicated to cooling (up to 90%)
  • Opportunity to increase rack density
  • Eliminates the need for a raised floor for cooling
  • Reduces ambient temperature and eliminates hot spots
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Energy efficiency incentive funding available